Civil Litigation

Civil litigation concerns a legal dispute between two or more parties commonly known as the Claimant and Defendant. In most civil litigation cases, the Claimant is trying to seek monetary compensation or specific performance of services from the other party and the Defendant is denying liability thus defending the claim.

Our aim at VMD is to resolve the majority of civil litigation cases outside the court through arbitration, negotiation and mediation commonly referred to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

It’s all about the burden of proof and the balance of probabilities…

If you have a dispute against a person or a business, contact us to find out what VMD can do for you.

Our areas of work includes:

  • Civil Disputes; Issuing and Defending Claims.
  • Injunctions
  • Part 36 Offers
  • Summary Judgment Applications
  • Setting Aside Default Judgments
  • Debt Recovery
  • Disclosures
  • Witness Statements & Depositions
  • Witness Summons
  • Particulars of Claim
  • Enforcement of Judgments & Orders

Our hourly rate starts at £150.00 per hour, however, we do provide some services on a fix fee basis. Please contact us to find out more…