Contract Disputes
Contract Disputes

Resolving contract disputes can be a complex and time-consuming process. At VMD Solicitors, our team of experienced lawyers has a deep understanding of contract law and can help you navigate disputes effectively. We are committed to protecting your interests and achieving the best possible outcome for your case. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you with your contract dispute.


Mr. Vajira Dhanapa the Principal Solicitor have the day to day responsibility and supervision of  your matter. Mr. Devon Shaw and Mr Wuri Lamin will be your Case Workers in this matter and will be your first point of contact. Mr. Devon Shaw is a graduate at Birkbeck  University of London with a honours degree in law and has completed the Bar Professional Training Course at City University Law school from 2017 to 2018. Ms. Nishika Rochelle is a LL.M. graduate from University of Westminster and a LL.B. graduate from University of London.


Mr Vajira Dhanapala became a qualified solicitor In 2008 and worked as the principal solicitor for more than 10 years. His qualifications extends to Engineering and Project Management. Mr Dhanapala spends about 5 % of his time with contract dispute matters and have experience in simple to medium complex matters.

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